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Enroll now and get offers from around the globe. Work on exciting development projects for a wide range of companies.


In search of developers?

Expand your talent pool to worldwide developers and find the right developer for your projects within your budget.


For developers

For developers.

Work on exciting development projects

Are you a MODX developer longing for more exciting projects? Enroll now and get offers from a wide range of companies around the globe.

Matching your skill set to projects

We act as a marketplace between organizations needing skilled MODX developers and developers needing more MODX projects. As a developer, the only thing you have to do is enroll in our system and fill in your contact details and skills. We want to get to know you to match your skill set to an exciting new project.

When will you get job offers?

After we've received a new project or job offer from one of the many organizations around the world using MODX, we'll look into our database of MODX developers best suited for the job. When we choose you, we contact you to find out if you're still available and interested in the project. After saying 'yes', we will connect you with the organization so you can get started!


For organizations.

In search of MODX developers?

Is your organization using MODX, and are you coming across a problem? Do you have a question or want to start a new project? Send us a message!

Get skilled developers from around the globe!

Fill in the form below, and we will search through our database of highly skilled developers to best match your needs, questions, and organization. Did we find the perfect match? We'll connect you to your new developer to solve your problem or exciting project as soon as possible. Let's get started!


About us.

MODX needs around the world

Since Sterc is a MODX agency, we received loads of questions from both businesses using MODX and MODX developers longing for more projects to work on. That's why we set up workwithwander. With workwithwander, we connect the right developer with the right jobs and projects. 

Connecting developer to project

Organizations using MODX that come across issues they can't solve or opportunities they don't have the right developer for internally can fill out the form for businesses to send us the details about their project. On the other hand, MODX developers looking for work can enroll in our database of MODX developers. Whenever a new project or job comes in, we turn to this database to find the right developer for this project. After finding a match, we connect the developer to the organization to get things started!

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